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Frozen Music

I actually forgot to publish this in March. Whoopsie! But here's a little contrast to the current hot weather. I thought I'd bring back the 1970s style vacation slide show. Behold the majesty of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. Images alone can't impart the experience of the towering mountains, awe-inspiring silence, Artic air (or temperature) but it's worth a try.

During this trip, I was working with the new electronic music tools I've acquired since the new year. I'm essentially playing multiple sequencers that are generating notes, rhythms, durations and velocities randomly but within confined parameters so it's a kind of tight rope walk of structure and chance.

The bass notes are a repeated pattern spelling out CA(N)ADA where N = a random note in the scale I'm using (Lydian mode in C) and the entire piece progresses at a glacial pace. Enjoy.

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