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The dedication of the band to both the songs of the Grateful Dead and their spirit of musical exploration sets them apart, as their growing audience are now discovering. In March 2019, Philadelphia area guitarist Rich Hill gathered together a select group of musicians to do a one-off show as a Grateful Dead tribute night at The Fainting Goat in Glenolden, PA. The turn-out, the performances and the synergy were so strong that by the end of the night, they all knew that they had something special and should continue. And thus ”this thing of ours”, this ”jawn of the Dead” as it came to be known, began its strange trip, hopefully a long one, around the Philly region. More on this strange jawn word HERE.

James Tauscher – guitar and vocals
Drew Gerace – drums
Jim Shaflucas – bass and vocals
Rich Hill – guitar and drums
John Bigham – keyboards

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